The Activities Building (T.A.B.)


New Sports Camps

The 6,000+ sq. ft. building includes a middle school basketball court, and 2 volleyball courts, allowing for new sports camps focused on reaching young athletes for Jesus.


Lake Views

The large porch facing Lake Sammamish provides a beautiful hangout space perfect for Bible studies, discussion, and individual reflection.


Lighting the Lake

The illuminated cross reflects over Lake Sammamish out of The Activities Building to show SAMBICA's commitment to being a "Light on the Lake" for Jesus.


More Campers

The updated and expanded building increases capacity for camps. Emphasis is placed on camps for at-risk youth and youth with special needs.


Let Your Light Shine 

A large, indoor play space for kids!

The Activities Building (nicknamed T.A.B.) enhances the experience of every SAMBICA camper and provides a fun and loving space for them to hear the Gospel.

 Now more than ever, youth need to hear “I love you”, and “GOD loves you just the way you are.” They need to unplug, play, and interact with real people face-to-face.

The Activities Building sets the stage for caring, young adult mentors to invest in youth, showing them they matter, and introducing them to Jesus. 

We invite you to have major kingdom impact by making a gift toward GOD's building today.

Inside Event
Sports Camp

The Tabernacle: Continuing the Legacy

1920's - 2024

For over 100 years, the SAMBICA Tabernacle (TAB) has been a historic site of faith, friendship, and play. At the TAB’s start, hundreds filed in to hear the world’s best Bible teachers.

Today, the pews are gone and children play, laugh, and hear Bible stories from caring mentors. The impact is the same: shining brightly as a "Light on the Lake". Nearing it’s 100th year of operation, the TAB was replaced and modernized to continue the legacy of inspiring youth to a relationship with Jesus Christ.

To commemorate the old TAB, The Activities Building will be continue to bear the name "T.A.B."

Tab - 1920s
Tab - 1940s
Tab - 1950s
Tab - 1950s 2
Tab - 2012
Tab - 2014