Summer Positions 

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Counseling Team

Recreation Team

 Support Team

Leadership Team

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Counseling Team

Join the front-line of SAMBICA's ministry and have the most rewarding summer of your life! Counselors have a desire to share the love of Jesus Christ with campers through relationship building and fun. Counselors must love working with youth, have high energy, and display a fun, hardworking attitude. Experience leading Bible studies and activities preferred. 

Overnight Camp Counselors are the backbone of camp. They experience the fun and joy of guiding a new set of campers each week through activities and Bible studies as they share the love of Christ. Upon the end of Overnight Camp (Week 7), Overnight Camp Counselors will become Day Camp Counselors for the remainder of their summer stay. Weekly Wage: $215, plus room and board.

Day Camp Counselors have the special skill of packing all the fun of camp into the day light! They experience the fun and joy of guiding a new set of campers each week through activities and Bible studies as they share the love of Christ. While a majority of responsibilities are during the day, Day Camp Counselors help out around camp in the evening. Weekly Wage: $200, plus room and board.

Adventure Mentors are counselors for the first week of our two-week High School Leadership Program. Adventure Mentors take our high school campers off-site in the greater Seattle area to experience camping, hiking, rock climbing, biking, and more. Mentors will guide campers in the outdoors and on their faith journey. Must have public speaking skills, experience in camping, and be spiritually mature. Weekly Wage: $215, plus room and board.

Serve Mentors are counselors for the second week of our two-week High School Leadership Program. Serve Mentors lead our high school campers as they learn to humbly follow Christ and serve behind-the-scenes at camp. Must have public speaking skills, a heart for service, and be spiritually mature.  Weekly Wage: $215, plus room and board.

Counselor Testimony

"SAMBICA cultivated a safe space where I can share Jesus with kids, and it has been an amazing opportunity that I am so thankful for." - Ana

High School Mentor Testimony

"I went into the summer thinking I would be helping kids grow, but it was the students who helped me grow." - Madi
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Music Lead
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"When being around something joyful and adventurous like tube rides or skiing it is hard not to experience happiness and feel God’s presence." - Mallory

Challenge Course Testimony

The day camp position at Sambica is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling because I get to work with kids all day long and share the love of Christ.

Program Team Testimony

"Being on the program team allowed me to become confident in leading others and helped me to see how the gospel can be presented in creative and fun ways." - Bethany

Recreation Team

The Recreation Team brings all the fun to SAMBICA through activities, games, and skits! Each role provides an exciting, safe, and enjoyable experience for campers.


Lifeguards keep campers safe while they enjoy beautiful days at Lake Sammamish. Lifeguards help maintain the waterfront and assist around camp in the evenings. They must be proficient swimmers and have a Lifeguard Certification before summer begins (contact the Program Director for more information about Lifeguard Certification). Weekly Wage: $200, plus room and board.

Boat Drivers lead campers in exciting boating activities on Lake Sammamish. They help maintain the waterfront and assist around camp in the evenings.  Drivers must be aware of safety above all else and have experience in boat driving, docking boats, and tube pulling (the ability to teach wakeboarding/skiing is preferred). Weekly Wage: $200, plus room and board.

The Dock Hand provides the support for our thrilling water activities. They help maintain the waterfront and assist around camp in the evenings. Dock Hands make the waterfront the most fun it can be by helping boats safely dock, setting up tubes, and more. Weekly Wage: $165, plus food and activities.

Challenge Course Facilitators safely lead campers through SAMBICA's Challenge Course elements while relating the activities to Biblical values. Facilitators operate the course, maintain course equipment and help in the evenings around camp. Must be 18 years or older (climbing experience is preferred). Weekly Wage: $200, plus room and board.

Program Crew members are the face of camp. They create games, Gospel-centered programming, and thrilling activities for campers. Program Crew members are up in front each day so they must be comfortable on stage, have creative development skills, and think outside the box (public speaking experience is preferred). Weekly Wage: $200, plus room and board.

The Program Tech uses A/V equipment and programs (sound board, TV's, ProPresenter, YouTube etc.) to support the Program Crew in running Gospel-centered programming for campers. They must have experience working with A/V equipment and be an independent worker. Weekly Wage: $200, plus room and board.

The Music Lead heads up worship and leads campers in silly songs each day. A member of the Program Crew, they will help in planning and running games and skits when not leading worship. In addition to playing an instrument (preferably guitar), they must be spiritually mature and a good communicator. Weekly Wage: $200, plus room and board.

The Activities Assistant helps run and organize the many activities around camp. They organize and maintain activity areas and help teach activities to staff and campers. They must be safety-conscious and uphold the rules and standards of SAMBICA. Weekly Wage: $165, plus food and activities.

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Support Team

The Support Team works behind-the-scenes to make SAMBICA a well-oiled and FUN machine. Through creative production, cleaning, cooking, and more, they love to serve Christ in all they do.

The Office Assistant is the face of camp for parents and guests, assisting them and making them feel welcome. Working side-by-side with the Office Manager/Registrar, they must be a team player with great people, computer, organization, and multi-tasking skills. Weekly Wage: $200, plus room and board.

The Medics are responsible for the health and treatment of campers and team members. They dispense medication, give First Aid, and communicate medical issues with parents and staff. Must be patient with a great "bedside manner". EMT or LPN Certification or some experience in healthcare is preferred (experience working with youth is desired). Weekly Wage: $200, plus room and board.

The Store Clerk is responsible for creating a fun atmosphere at Sam's Place, the camp store. The Store clerk stocks Sam's Place, monitors inventory, and keeps track of camper and staff store accounts. As Sam's Place is heavily frequented throughout the day, they must be detail-oriented and poised in a busy atmosphere (retail experience is preferred). Weekly Salary: $200, plus room and board.

The Cinematographer captures fun and special memories on film and produces a video of highlights for each week of camp and an end-of-summer staff video. Must be individually-motivated, organized and have experience in video production. Weekly Salary: DOE, plus room and board.

The Photographer captures photos of all the SAMBICA action each week of camp. They edit and organize the photos to be distributed to parents at the end of each week. Must have photography experience. Weekly Salary: DOE, plus room and board.

The Camp Care Crew glorifies Christ by maintaining excellence in the SAMBICA grounds and facilities. Working closely with the Facilities Manager they clean buildings, water flowers, and help with other tasks around camp. They must have good initiative and be an independently motivated. Weekly Wage: $200, plus room and board.

The Facilities Assistant is the caretaker of the facilities, helping keep camp running smoothly and looking great. Working alongside the Facilities Manager, they could assist with electrical, mechanical, plumbing, or more. Must be hard working, love using their hands, and have good computer skills. Weekly Wage: $200, plus room and board.

Kitchen Assistants work together to serve delicious meals for campers and staff each day. Working closely with the Food Service Manager, they help with food prep, clean-up, and more. They must be willing to learn the craft of cooking, serve on their feet, and have fun. Must have earned their Washington State Food Handlers Card before camp begins (contact the Program Director for more information on Food Handlers Card). Weekly Wage: $200, plus room and board.

Members of the High School Crew members work in many different areas around camp (kitchen, camp care, waterfront, counseling, etc.) for 20-40 hours per week. They are assigned their specific role when they are hired. The High School Crew participates in the same fun experiences and discipleship opportunities as our college-aged staff members and must be eager to learn, grow spiritually and work well with others.Weekly Wage: $165 plus food and activities. 


"As the photographer, I had the opportunity to expand on my camera skills along with enjoying the exciting atmosphere of summer camp!" - Sarah

Camp Care Crew

"Through my time on Camp Care, God has taught me about doing every small thing to His glory, finding joy in serving and loving others well." -Linaya 

High School Crew

"A highlight of  High School Crew was the Bible Studies, which all team members, not just high school crew, participate in to wind down, take a break and dive into the word that really formed how we went about camp and our lives" -Toby

Kitchen Assistant

"I gained a lot of wisdom about God’s word and the love he has for us. I also learned a lot about team work and team building." - Kory


"Serving as the cinematographer was such a pleasure and privilege. I was able to witness and film all the activities happening around camp and had the opportunities to meet with many campers and assist other staff when I was able." - Tony
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Leadership Team

"It was such a great experience to mentor and support other staff members, and rewarding to play an integral role in the ministry at SAMBICA!" - Jon

Leadership Team

Members of the SAMBICA Leadership team supervise different areas of camp and care for the physical and spiritual well-being of the team members they oversee. They must be spiritually mature, service-minded, and responsible.

The Counseling Supervisors (1 male, 1 female) work together to lead the Counseling Team and oversee the Day Camp and Overnight Camp Programs. They train counselors, provide guidance and support, perform administrative tasks, assist with campers, and communicate with parents and staff regarding camper issues. They must be organized, adaptable, effective communicators, and have prior experience working with children, parents, and college-aged adults. Weekly Wage: $230, plus room and board.

The Camp Care Supervisor oversees the Camp Care Crew as they maintain the beauty of camp and support camp programming. They help with Camp Care duties, minister to their team, and demonstrate strong leadership skills. They must be flexible, have a fun loving attitude, a passion for service, and be attentive to detail. Weekly Wage: $230, plus room and board.

The High School Crew Supervisors (1 male, 1 female) oversee the work schedule and spiritual growth of the High School Crew. While setting an example of service, they plan events, Bible studies, and individually mentor members of the High School Crew. Must have an eagerness to serve and experience in youth ministry leadership (experience in lifeguarding, boat driving, food handling, or challenge course is preferred). Weekly Wage: $230, plus room and board.

The Kitchen Supervisor works with the Food Service Manager to serve quality meals and is responsible for the efficiency and cleanliness of the kitchen. They minister to the Kitchen Assistants and encourage them as they grow in their faith and kitchen skills. Must have professional kitchen experience, leadership skills, and a Washington State Food Handlers Card. Weekly Wage: Starting at $230, plus room and board.

The Activities Supervisor is responsible for the upkeep, organization, and training of activities at camp (excluding waterfront activities). They will train team members and assist with leading activities each day. Must be responsible and organized. Weekly Wage: $230, plus room and board.

The Creative Crew Supervisor works closely with the Marketing Manager to oversee and support the Creative Team (Office Assistant, Cinematographer, Photographer, and Store Clerk). They help these team members with their duties and oversee camper mail. Must be organized, a good communicator, and have a passion for creative design work. Weekly Wage: $230, plus room and board.

The Waterfront Supervisor works closely with the Waterfront Director to oversee daily operations such as waterfront safety, activity scheduling, and supervision. They minister to the Waterfront Crew (Lifeguards, Boat Drivers, and Dock Hands), and run the Wake up Wakeboarding Camp for one week in the summer. Must be safety-conscious, responsible, and have aquatic facility experience. Weekly Wage: $230, plus room and board.

The Program Supervisor oversees the Program Crew, providing support and creativity in creating Gospel-centered programming. They minister to the Program Crew (Program Crew, Program Tech, and Music Lead) and assist them in running all programming. Must be fun-loving, comfortable on stage, and have experience with public speaking and leadership. Weekly Wage: $230, plus room and board.

The High School Leadership Program Supervisor is responsible for the operations of the Adventure and Serve High School Camps. They serve alongside of Mentors and support and guide them through the challenges of high school ministry. The High School Leadership Program Supervisor leads Bible studies, disciples staff and campers, and performs administrative tasks. Must have youth ministry experience. Weekly Wage: $230, plus room and board.

The SPARK Camp Supervisor oversees the staff and operations of our off-site camp, SPARK, next-door to camp at Sunset Elementary School. For the three weeks in the summer that SPARK camp is run, they will plan activities, coach counselors, and be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the camp. Because they serve in many different forms and work with parents and staff, they must be a good communicator, able to delegate, organized, adaptable, and attentive to detail. Youth Ministry experience is a must. Weekly Salary: $230, plus room and board.