Overnight Camps

Note on Overnight Camps for Summer 2021:

If at all possible, we will open up overnight camp spots as soon as we know from health authorities that it is safe and that we will be allowed to do so.

We LOVE Overnight Camps and our overnight campers. Overnight camp is literally 3x the experience; 3x the time, 3x the meals, 3x the relationship building, 3x the adventure, and 3x the growth. Our entire team missed that experience so much in 2020 and we know that almost a thousand of our campers did as well.

If we are able to open overnight camps, we would anticipate those camps having reduced capacities as well as other health and safety related adjustments. But… We are not there yet, so we are starting registration by offering Day Camps only. If and when Overnight Camps become an option, we will open up those available spots first to those campers who are, at the time, signed up for our Day Camps. So, if Overnight Camp is your thing, we totally get that, but sign up for Day Camps now and hopefully we can present the option to upgrade at a later time.

 For more information, visit our Summer 2021 FAQ page. Stay tuned for more updates on overnight camps!

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