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To our Camper Families:

For the last 101 years, SAMBICA has been committed to the health and safety of all campers, guests, and staff members.  This document summarizes the steps SAMBICA is taking to maintain this commitment in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

SAMBICA now more than ever? Camp gives children a place to unplug, build healthy relationships, explore their strengths, and learn through PLAY…all in a safe, uplifting environment. 

Our goal for SAMBICA in Summer 2020 is to create an exceptionally safe, super fun, adventurous day-camp environment for campers to experience how much God loves them! 

With utmost concern for the well-being of our campers and staff, we are diligently following the guidance of the CDC and local health authorities to minimize health risks in our revised summer planning. We are committed to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children to learn, grow, and make life-long memories filled with hope during this unique time of history. 

Plan for SAMBICA Summer Camps 2020

(may be adjusted based on health authority and government recommendations in the coming weeks)

  1. We are excited to share that we will safely hold camp all 10 weeks this summer.  
  2. The major change is that we will not plan to hold any overnight camps in an effort to reduce contact among campers and our staff members.  We love overnight camp and want all kids to be able to experience it.  In fact, we intentionally set our fees the same for day and overnight camp to encourage families to sign up for overnight camps.  But this is the year for caution and we believe that day camps offer a greater level of safety from potential coronavirus infection. The age range of each camp will stay the same (i.e. 6th-9th graders that signed up for one of our Junior High camps will still be going to camp with other 6th-9th graders.)
  3. Our camp capacities will be reduced and campers will experience camp in smaller groups, so that we never have all campers gathered in one place at one time.
  4. Each camp is divided into pods of fewer than 50 campers.  The pod system allows for these smaller groups to be separated into groups of 10 or fewer people (campers + staff) that will stay separated from other groups of 10.  This is per DOH guidanceSAMBICA typically has cabins of 10.  The key difference this year is that those cabins will stay separated (6+ feet) from other cabins. 
  5. All of our campers must reside in King County so that SAMBICA is what the CDC refers to as a “locally attended summer camp.” 
  6. Additional and updated guidelines for cleanliness in all areas of camp, including Food Service and Activities. 
  7. Daily Health Checks of all campers and staff will be completed each morning.  
  8. *UPDATED** The Washington State Department of Health has updated their guidance for camps to include more cloth face covering use for both campers and staff.
    1. In response to this new guidance,
      1. SAMBICA campers and staff will wear cloth face coverings any time they are within 6 feet of others.
      2. Per Washington DOH guidance, masks will not be worn while seated in our outdoor dining area or in and around the water.
        For SAMBICA, in and around the water includes the beach, dock, and boats.
9.   Enhanced education of campers and staff, as well as enhanced procedures regarding personal hygiene and respiratory etiquette. 
10.   Ventilation will be maximized in all indoor spaces, though campers will spend almost all of their time outside.
11.   Procedures are in place in the event that a camper or staff member either exhibits COVID symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19.
12.   We are happy to suspend our normal refund policies and offer full refunds, including the $100 deposit, as an option for families who wish to withdraw for any reason.  We would ask that families consider the below options to help SAMBICA, as a local non-profit, continue through this season.  Please email

Bottom Line: Whatever is best for your family, we will do it.

Partial Refund and Partial Donation. Email for more information.

Full Donation. Includes access to early registration for Summer 2021. Email for more information.

Hold camp registration fees until Summer 2021. Includes access to early registration for Summer 2021. Email for more information.

Full refund. Email for more information.

13. Day camps will not have a Thursday overnight or extended evening experience.  Campers who were initially signed up for overnight camp will be invited to a special “SAMBICA Late Night” experience on Thursday night.

14. Scholarship funds are being allocated specifically for local families who have been affected by the economic realities of this pandemic. Please do not hesitate to apply for a scholarship if camp fees are a financial hardship. We never want money to be the reason that a camper is unable to attend.

If you have any questions, please email or call us at 425-746-9110.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate the changing health recommendations. We look forward to continuing to offer an excellent Summer Camp experience for your camper(s) this Summer and beyond!

Overall Themes that Camp Operations will Follow:

1. We will stay with our group of 10 people, and 6+ feet apart from other groups of 10.  When that is not possible our staff members will use cloth face coverings.

2. We will make every effort to keep campers and staff safe and healthy, including going above and beyond guidelines when possible.