SAMBICA Centennial

100 Years of Light

Join us in celebrating 100 year’s of GOD’s miracles at SAMBICA.

The Centennial year at SAMBICA is upon us! For 100 years, youth have laughed, played, formed friendships and have been inspired to a relationship with Jesus Christ at SAMBICA.

Thank YOU for being a part of the past 100 years and for helping secure the future of the next 100. Check out all the ways to celebrate and be a part of the legacy below. All praises to our loving GOD for HIS hand on SAMBICA!

100 Year Event

August 10, 2019

Join us for a large-scale celebration back at camp where we will focus on the past, present, and future blessings that have occurred at SAMBICA! More details to be released soon.

  • Classic Camp Activities
    • SAMBICA Waterfront (boat rides, swimming, paddle boards,
      kayaks, canoes)
    • High Ropes Challenge Course
    • Archery (archery, Archery Tag)
    • Many more to be announced!
  • Celebration Ceremony
  • SAMBICA Museum
  • Gourmet Lunch Provided (prepared by SAMBICA Kitchen crew)
  • Reminiscing with old friends


The Activities Building: the Next 100 Years

Be a part of what GOD started in the early 20’s! The current Tabernacle (TAB), the building on camp that has been used to share The Gospel for nearly 100 years, has deteriorated. At its start, hundreds lined the pews to hear sermons by traveling evangelists. 99 years later, the pews are gone, children run across the turfed floors, and bible studies are done alongside dodge-ball games and silly songs. The impact is the same: youth are inspired to a relationship with Jesus Christ.

The new Activities Building will provide an updated gathering and play space for HIS children to learn HIS truths year-round. The building will be home to nearly all school-year camps, events, and retreats and will be another spot to play and learn during summer camps!

Make an investment in the next generation of believers by making a gift toward the new Activities Building today!


Share your SAMBICA story

Have a story you’d like to share about your time at SAMBICA? Join the many others who have submitted their stories to us so they can be told. Share what GOD has done today!


Learn more about SAMBICA

Find out how SAMBICA got its start and what the camp is up to today by visiting our About page!

Join the Legacy!
  • Register for the 100 Year Event
  • Give toward The Activities Building
  • Share your story
  • Learn about SAMBICA
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