Benefits of Giving


Why support SAMBICA? Watch the video to hear about just a few of the lives impacted at SAMBICA. What grows here lasts forever. Grow with us.

Monthly Partners

The gift that keeps on giving!
Join a group of people who want to see youth reached for Jesus Christ, raised up into strong Christian leaders, and released to minister to the world around them. Monthly Partners believe so deeply in this mission that they commit to supporting SAMBICA with regular monthly gifts. This commitment enables us to touch hearts and lives every day through our services and programs.

How do my gifts make a difference?
Programming: Monthly Partners directly impact the quality of experience that children and youth receive at SAMBICA. This experience is tailored to reach children according to their learning styles and ages, allowing them to experience growth.

Facilities: Contributions help us maintain and improve current facilities in order to continue to provide a safe and comfortable environment where children and youth can learn, shape their faith, and grow into leaders.

Propelling the mission: General contributions enable SAMBICA to use gifts where they are needed most: general operations, research and development of new programming, and planning for the future.

Join Today and…

  • Know that your donations will be used to minister to youth in our community.
  • Keep informed about how your gifts are reaching youth for Christ with regular SAMBICA Partners Updates.
  • Receive recognition in the SAMBICA Seasons quarterly newsletter.

Signing Up is Easy
Follow the link below to sign up using a credit or debit card or by electronic funds transfer. By signing up online you can use convenient automatic payments and receipts that save the hassle and expense of mailing a check each month. You can change your donation amount, withdrawal date, or stop your donations at anytime by calling our office at 425-746-9110.

Credit/Debit: SAMBICA accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Electronic Check: Electronic Funds Transfers offer you the same control as writing a check each month but will save you a check, a stamp, and the inconvenience of having to remember to mail a check each month. You will have the assurance of knowing that your gifts will always be received safely and promptly. At anytime, by simply giving us written notice you can change your donation amount, change bank accounts, or cancel your donation.


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