Get ready to have a great summer on mission at SAMBICA!

Summer Team Compensation

Take an opportunity to be on mission this summer at SAMBICA!

We understand that working at camp is a sacrifice of not only time but also of finances. Your value this summer is much more than what we could ever pay you. Each paid position has a set amount each week with the OPTION of raising extra support. Raising support is not a requirement, but an option for those that need or want to do so. Do not be afraid of raising support. This option is available to help you financially this summer and we can help provide the necessary tools to help you succeed.

Understanding Compensation

Each paid position has a base amount that you will be paid for the week of service. Summer team positions are paid bi-weekly with final payment at completion of summer. Please check summer positions page for weekly paid amounts. If you are a returning team member, you will earn $10 more each week per year of service (i.e., 2 years of service equals an additional $20 per week in pay). Pay may not to exceed $150 per week.

Understanding Support

Each position has the OPTION of raising extra support to financially help you through the summer. You may raise as much money as you would like, though anything over $2,000 will go towards our summer team programs throughout the summer. All donations are tax deductible. You are guaranteed the set weekly paid amount whether you raise support or not. If you have more questions, please contact Tom Eaker at 425-746-9110 or

Support Materials

To help you with raising support, we have provided material that you may use to send out. First step would be to make a list of all those you wish to send information to. Second step will to tweak the letter to be fit your position and role this summer. Information about the camp and area are not editable. Third step would be to send the letter out. It is that simple!

2017-Fundraising-Letter (clicking the link automatically downloads the Word file)

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