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Recruiting Program

Help recruit quality team members to SAMBICA!

2018 brings the opportunity to earn money just by inviting friends to come work at camp! We will be conducting a recruiting competition with the top 10 recruiters for SAMBICA this year earning up to $400 cash as a reward for their efforts!

Competition Award Levels:

  • 1st Place: $400
  • 2nd Place: $200
  • 3rd Place: $200
  • 4th to 10th Place: $100

These prizes will be paid out at the beginning of the summer, with a minimum number of 2 people recruited earning you a prize. For those recruiting only 1 person, see the Referrals section below. All that needs to happen for them to count toward your total is 1) for them to get hired and 2) to have them put your name on their application as the reason they heard about SAMBICA. One of the best parts is that anyone is eligible to earn this cash, whether you are on our summer staff team in 2018 or not!

Recruiting nearly 100 quality summer team members every summer is a big job. Your help, sharing your summer plans with friends and encouraging them to apply is a huge blessing to SAMBICA!

Here are some ideas you can do in your community:

  • Throw a party, invite friends and tell them about camp
  • Put an article in your school newspaper
  • Place fliers on bulletin boards and pass them out around campus
  • Speak at church
  • Speak at school chapel or classroom
  • Building connection with department heads for summer internship possibilities
  • Connect and speak with school clubs
  • Connect with school missions department
  • Connect with school career services
  • Connect with student life, RAs and/or dormitories

For more information about our recruiting program, recruiting materials, or more ideas, please contact Ray Duriga at or (425) 746-9110 x19.

Referral Bonus

If you refer one friend who comes to work with you at SAMBICA this summer, we want to say thank you by offering a uniquely Seattle experience, paid for by SAMBICA! This will come in the form of a voucher for one of the available activities of your choice for you and your friend to experience at the time and date of your choosing. These will be given out before the first week of camp, so that you can enjoy them at your leisure during the summer. To be eligible for this bonus, simply have your friend list your name on their application as the reason they heard about SAMBICA.

If you have someone who may be interested in working at camp or who you have already referred to us and would like to have that person count toward your referral bonus, please send an email to Ray Duriga at , and include the following for each person you are referring: name, email, and phone number. Incomplete information will not be pursued, so make sure to include all 3 pieces of information for each person.

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