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Recruiting Materials

Help recruit quality team members to SAMBICA!

Recruiting nearly 100 quality summer team members every summer requires a huge effort on our part. Your assistance, sharing your summer plans with friends and encouraging them to apply is huge blessing to SAMBICA!

Here are some ideas you can do in your community:

  • Throw a party, invite friends and tell them about camp
  • Put an article in your school newspaper
  • Place fliers on bulletin boards and pass them out around campus
  • Speak at church
  • Speak at school chapel or classroom
  • Building connection with department heads for summer internship possibilities
  • Connect and speak with school clubs
  • Connect with school missions department
  • Connect with school career services
  • Connect with student life, RAs and/or dormitories
Referral Bonus

For each applicant that you recruit and we HIRE, you and your buddy will receive a referral bonus. This bonus is a “Night on the Town” compliments of SAMBICA. You and your buddy will choose from the following to enjoy while you visit the Greater Seattle area!


To be eligible for this bonus please send an email to Tom Eaker at , and include the following for each person you are referring: name, email, and phone number. Incomplete information will not be pursued, so make sure to include all 3 pieces of information for each person.

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