SAMBICA’s Core Values

Service (Luke 14:10)
Authentic (1 Peter 3:15-16)
Misson (Matt 28:19-20)
Bible (2 Peter 1:20-21)
I Am Third (Phil 2:3-4)
Community (Heb 10:25)
Adventure (John 10:10)

Position Descriptions

The SAMBICA summer team is committed to the modeling of Christ in word and deed. Being on the front lines of ministry requires a deep passion for Christ. With different roles in the ministry, we are all united to serve Christ, the campers and each other. All team members are a vital part of creating a great experience for the campers and are not limited to their specialized team. Though focused on their specialized team the expectation is that we commit to each other and the greater ministry at SAMBICA, therefore serving in all areas of camp. Below is a description of different roles on the SAMBICA teams.

Recreation Team
Support Team
Counseling Team
Program Team
Leadership Team

Recreation Team

Please check Summer Positions for what is available.

The recreation team provides a safe and rewarding experience for campers through specific activities at camp on the waterfront and the challenge course. Through a safe environment, campers will get to experience things for the first time, face many fears, and have the time of their life. The waterfront and challenge course are highlights for our campers and many memories are built in these recreational activities.

Lifeguards (6):
Lifeguards are the caretakers of the waterfront that have a deep desire to keep campers safe and love for the outdoors on hot summer days. The waterfront team is responsible for maintaining safety of all individuals at the SAMBICA waterfront according to the policies and procedures. Also expected to teach water activities, maintain aquatic equipment, keeping the beachfront area groomed and helping out at night events each evening. Proficient swimmer is a must. Lifeguard certification required before summer begins. Please contact for more information about lifeguard certification. Weekly Salary: $150, plus room and board.

Boat Drivers (5):
Responsible for taking campers and team members on boating activities out on the beautiful Lake Sammamish. One of the most high-risk activities on camp, boat drivers are aware of safety first above all else as well as providing a fun experience for campers. You will be part of the waterfront team to insure the maintenance of the beach, dock and boats along with helping out at night events each evening. Boat driving, docking boats, pulling experience and the ability to teach wakeboarding/skiing is preferred. Weekly Salary: $150, plus room and board.

Challenge Course Facilitators (5):
Lead campers and team members through SAMBICA’s challenge course. Responsible for safely operating challenge course elements including, but not limited to, the high static course, low course, flying squirrel, tree climb, and team building activities. Will expound on Bible study teaching through course participation and elements. Responsible for set up and take down of equipment daily as well as the upkeep, inventory, and cleanliness of recreation equipment. May be called upon to assist in other areas of camp on a daily basis including helping out at night events each evening. High course or climbing experience is preferred. Weekly Salary: $150, plus room and board.

Activities Assistants (2):
Responsible for the upkeep and training of activities around camp that are other than swimming, boats and challenge course. This includes but is not limited to archery/target games, kayaks, canoes, stand up paddle boards, laser tag and community games. You will be working alongside high school students to train them in facilitating different activities, along with jumping in and leading cabin groups. You are responsible for all the equipment needs for each activity. Weekly Salary: $150, plus room and board.

Support Team

Please Check Summer Positions for what is available.

The support team members are those that are usually behind the sense and hold the camp together. Without these roles the campers experience would not be the same. They provide specialized task and reach all the campers that come to camp.

Kitchen Assistants (7):
As part of the kitchen crew, you will work together to serve as the hands of Christ in our kitchen. As a team, you will make our dining hall a well-oiled machine that pumps out five delicious meals (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 1 dinner) each day, for as many as 400 people. You will work closely with the Food Service Manager to make sure all jobs in the kitchen are done with excellence and care. This includes, but is not limited to: preparing food, cooking, baking, serving food, maintaining the salad bar, washing dishes, cleaning up, etc. Tons of cooking experience is not a requirement, but a willingness to learn and to work as a part of a team is a must. The ability to stand on your feet for long hours, a cheerful heart, a willingness to have fun, an openness to learn and authentic faith in Jesus Christ are a must. Prior Food Worker Card for the State of Washington is required before camp. Please contact for more information on Food Worker Card. Weekly Salary: $150, plus room and board.

Facilities Assistant (1):
You are the caretaker of our facilities and help keep the camp running smoothly and looking great. On a daily basis, you could be working in electrical, mechanical, plumbing, or serving the Lord in other ways. Working alongside the Facilities Manager, you will be challenged both physically and spiritually as you learn to serve with all your heart, mind and strength. Maintenance aptitude or a willingness to learn is preferred. Weekly Salary: $150, plus room and board.

Grounds Assistant (1):
Helps create a level of excellence in our grounds and facilities for campers, parents and team members. Works closely with the Facilities Manager and Facilities Assistant. On a daily basis, you could be mowing lawns, weed whacking, blowing off paths, cleaning, watering flowers and serving the Lord in many ways with your hands and feet. Good initiative and ability to work independently is a must. Will help out in night activities each evening. Weekly Salary: $150, plus room and board.

Office Assistant (1):
You are the face of camp and a liaison for parents, campers and the SAMBICA team. Being in the office requires team players who have great people, computer and organization skills. You must be creative, flexible and able to multi-task. Most importantly, working in the office requires someone who is positive, encouraging and has a heart of service. You will be working side by side with the ORB and learning how the camp works from the inside out. Weekly Salary: $150, plus room and board.

Camp Support (1):
Glorifying Christ by serving the camp through their hands and feet on a daily basis. You will assist in all areas of camp as needed. You will help out with the office, store, day camp, overnight camp, and high school programs. Responsibilities include but not limited to: lost and found, delivering camper mail, early or late campers, field times, fill in counselor, check-in/drop-off, evening activities, and more. Must be able to work independently and have good initiative. Weekly Salary: $150, plus room and board.

Security/Road Runner (1):
Serving the mission of SAMBICA by assisting all camp operations. Position will drive into town when needed to support camp programs. Responsible for locking up buildings and night checks each evening for the safety of all on camp. Must work independently and be flexible with hours. Must be over 21 and have a clean driving record. Weekly Salary: $150, plus room and board.

Medical Assistant (1):
This ministry position is responsible for assisting the Camp Medic with the health and treatment of campers and team members. You will dispense medication as needed/prescribed and be the first medical responder in any health/emergency medical situation in the absence of the Camp Medic. The ability to have patience and “bedside manners” are necessary. It is preferred if applicant is in a nursing program. Weekly Salary: $150, plus room and board.

Store Clerk (1):
Responsible for creating and maintaining a fun and exciting atmosphere at the camp store (Sam’s Place). Sam’s Place is one of the most frequented areas of camp, a highlight for many campers during the week. You will monitor inventory and keep track of camper store accounts. You will oversee high school students who help in the store and craft room, while providing mentoring and leadership training. Some retail experience is helpful. Weekly Salary: $150, plus room and board.

Cinematographer (1):
If you like to see life behind the lenses, then this is the position for you. You will capture, edit, and produce individual highlight videos for each week for all camp programs. You will run around camp capturing all of the unforgettable memories so kids can remember them long after they leave camp. You must have experience in using digital video cameras, software video editing, and putting together a story through film. Weekly Salary: DOE, plus room and board.

Photographer (1):
If you love capturing action in photos, this position is for you. Responsible for the production of weekly photography assignments for all camp programs. You will also be required to order all photographs to be distributed to campers and parents. In addition, you will assist the Cinematographer and Program Media Assistant in any assignments. Digital photography experience is required and preference will be given to those who also have some previous video and media experience. Weekly Salary: DOE, plus room and board.

Counseling Team

Please Check Summer Positions for what is still available.

The counseling team members develop deep relationships with the campers through intentional investment. The gift of evangelism and discipleship is shown through the course of each day as members create an environment where campers are shown the joy of being who God created them to be.

Day/Overnight Camp Counselor (50):
A desire to show the love of Jesus Christ through words and deeds. You are on the front line of ministry as you engage your campers through building relationships in order to speak truth into their lives. Must have the ability to work with children and youth, as you will be responsible for 10-12 campers for the week. Experience leading small group bible studies and activities preferred. Looking for someone with high energy, a fun attitude and a desire to see youth experience Jesus. Counselors will be hired for a specific camp program. Weekly Salary: $150, plus room and board.

  • Day Camp Counselor (25): A desire to work with grades 1 – 6. Each week there
    will be many opportunities to show and speak the love of Jesus Christ with campers.
    There will be one week of H2O Extreme Day Camp (grades 4 – 8) and the rest of the
    summer will focus on grades 1 – 6. Majority of responsibilities will take place during the
    work day, but may have some responsibilities in evening helping with dining hall or
    Overnight camp programming. Must be flexible and adaptable. Experience communicating
    with elementary aged kids preferred.
  • Overnight Camp Counselor (25): Have a desire to work with pre-teens and teens
    (primarily grades 4th – 12th). There will be one week of High School Camp (grades 9 – 12).
    Overnight counselors must be flexible and adaptable because no two cabins or days are the
    same in this role. Each week will have a different age group for you to invest into. In this
    role, you will have a high physical demand of long days and nights, but will have the
    opportunity for an even greater reward of deeper investment into your campers lives.
Typical Day of a Day Camp Counselor Typical Day of an Overnight Counselor
Time Activity
6:30am Day Camp Meeting
7:15am Breakfast
8:00am Drop Off
9:00am Morning Rally
9:45am Bible Study
10:30am Activity 1
11:30am Lunch
1:00pm Activity 2
2:00pm Activity 3
2:30pm Afternoon Rally
3:30pm Field Time/Snack
4:30pm Pick Up
5:00pm Day Camp Meeting
6:00pm Dinner
7:00pm Help w/Activities
9:00pm Team Events
10:00pm Clean Up
11:00pm Bed
Time Activity
7:00am Wake Up
8:00am Breakfast
9:00am Field Time/O-Camp Meeting
10:00am Activity 1
11:00am Morning Rally
11:30am Bible Study
12:00pm Field Riot Games
1:00pm Lunch
2:00pm Cabin Time
3:00pm Activity 2
4:00pm Activity 3
5:00pm Cabin Free Play
6:00pm Dinner
7:00pm Night Event 1
8:00pm Evening Rally
9:00pm Cabin Time
10:00pm Night Event 2
11:00pm Bed

Mentors (7):
An overnight counselor role working with our high school students participating in the High School Leadership program. Must have a heart for teenagers to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. By working side by side with the students, you will show how to serve as one serving for the Lord. Working in the different areas of the high school program, you will work with a set amount of students during the day to challenge them in that focus time (Adventure, Service or Leadership). During the evenings, all programs come together and provide high-energy, camp rallies and games for the students. Must have a fun attitude as you serve, the ability to lead students, good communication skills and be spiritually mature. Public speaking and high school youth mentorship experience is preferred. Mentors will be placed in one of the following area after training. Weekly Salary: $150, plus room and board.

  • Adventure Mentor (2): Must have experience camping and hiking. Taking
    12-13 high school students each week to experience the foundation of faith while
    being off camp. Some days you may camp on site and others you may be off site
    with experienced guides. Each day will be an adventure in the greater Seattle
    area: camping, hiking, rock climbing, visits to downtown, water. Through escaping
    the normal day-to-day routines, mentors will challenge high school students to look
    at the foundation of the Christian faith through reflection and Bible study times.
  • Service Mentor (2): Back on camp, high school students will be partnered
    in different areas of camp to learn what it means to serve humbly as Christ serves
    humbly. The next phase of the Adv-Serve-Lead program, students will partner with
    summer teams to help and support in that area. As a mentor, you will be working
    right alongside these students and teams to help them experience a humble heart.
    Areas include, but are not limited to, kitchen, waterfront, maintenance,
    and housekeeping.
  • Leadership Mentor (2): Taking the next step in the Adv-Serve-Lead program,
    Leadership mentors will help high school students become self-aware of their gifts
    and talents as God has created them to be. Placing students with more responsibility,
    they will challenge and support students to become leaders in those areas.
  • Champion Mentor (1): Walking alongside the next level of the high school
    students, training them to become future SAMBICA summer team members. These
    students have applied and have the potential to be peer leaders in their communities.
    The hope is to walk with these students to encourage them to take those next steps
    in their faith and make it their own. As they are peer leaders at camp, challenge
    them to see how they can do this in all areas of their life.
  • Program Team

    Please Check Summer Positions for what is still available.

    The program team is designed to support the counseling team in providing an environment for campers to experience the Gospel through many different events and activities. From big group games to worship events, the program team is intentional of supporting the gospel message in all they do.

    Program Assistant (4):
    They are the face of camp creating all the field games and rally times for our Day Camp and Overnight Camp programs. We provide Gospel-centered intentional programs that support the counseling team in providing opportunities to dig deeper into conversations with their campers. The Program team is part of the lasting memories for campers as they remember the outrageous programs and thrilling activities. Working in a creative team, you will be up front creating characters and events each day. Must be comfortable being on stage, able to create and think outside the box. Public speaking experience is preferred. Weekly Salary: $150, plus room and board.

    Program Media Assistant (1):
    A creative team member that can use media to support the program team as they provide Gospel-centered intention programs for campers. Must be able to use or learn many programs including ProPresenter, You Tube, Vimeo, Garage Band, DJ, etc as well as working with various media types (video and photographic). You must be able to work independently and efficiently. Is not afraid to think outside the box in creating new ideas for the team. Weekly Salary: $150, plus room and board.

    Music Lead (1):
    Leads our campers and team members in different styles of music on a daily basis. Must be able to play all types of music. Will be part of the program team to organize and implement daily rally times and worship. Must be able to lead large groups of children, youth and young adults from silly songs, pop songs to worship songs. The Music Lead will also help with any evening activities and games. Must demonstrate good communication skills and spiritual maturity. Needs to have the ability to play an instrument, preferably a guitar. Weekly Salary: $150, plus room and board.

    Leadership Team

    Please Check Summer Positions for what is still available.

    The leadership team impacts all areas of camp and provides support and guidance for each team. They supervise different teams with a heart of a servant and the mindset of unity among the SAMBICA family. They provide a level of accountability to promote excellence for the glory of God.

    Day Camp Supervisor (1):
    Responsible for the coordination & facilitation of daily Day Camp programming. Must have good organizational and communication skills, as well as prior experience working with children, parents, and college aged students. Will oversee daily administrative tasks relating to Day Camp and will supervise and minister to all Day Camp staff. Must be willing and capable to deal with parents and children concerning discipline and similar program issues. Weekly Salary: $175, plus room and board.

    Overnight Camp Supervisor (1):
    Responsible for the day-to-day operations of our Overnight Camp Programs. Will be training and disciple team members as they work with the Pre-Teen and Middle School students weekly. Running all the behind scenes work in the program, you must have good organizational and communication skills. Must be flexible and adaptable to work with all areas of camp to provide the best experience for campers to hear about Jesus Christ. Will be serving in many different forms to provide the highest quality of excellence for the campers and team members. Weekly Salary: $175, plus room and board.

    High School Program Supervisor (1):
    Responsible for the day-to-day operations of our High School ELITE Programs. Will be serving alongside the students and mentors. Must have a desire to train and disciple team members as they face the challenges of high school ministry. Daily you will perform administrative task relating to the ELITE program, lead bible studies, speak to large groups and work in all areas of camp. Youth ministry leadership experience preferred. Weekly Salary: $175, plus room and board.

    Program Supervisor (1):
    Supervising the Program Team in creating Gospel-centered intentional programs. Provides insight and guidance to a creative team that supports the counseling teams to build relationships with campers. Must have the ability to have fun and create lasting memories as the team puts on large group games and activities as well as running rally times for the different Day Camps, Overnight Camps and High School Programs. Needs to be able to think outside the box and use many forms of programs such as skits, songs and media. Must have experience being on stage, large group speaking and leading others. Weekly Salary: $175, plus room and board.

    Waterfront Supervisor (1):
    Responsible for the smooth operation of all facets of the waterfront in order to ensure the safety of campers and team members. This includes managing the scheduling, training and rotations of lifeguards, boat drivers and high school students in the ELITE Program. This also includes overseeing the early morning Wakeboarding Program. Will work closely with the Waterfront Director and Program Director to ensure the implementation of all policies and regulations, which are required by the state of Washington. Experience at an aquatics facility, strong leadership skills, spiritual maturity and lifeguarding credentials required. Weekly Salary: $175, plus room and board.

    Male & Female Team Pastors (2):
    Will work together to provide pastoral counseling, encouraging, and assisting team members on a day-to-day basis. Will offer emotional, interpersonal, and prayer support to the team. Will work within each department (Day Camps, Overnight Camps, Facilities, Kitchen, etc.) to support team members. Must have the desire to serve and work alongside team members in all areas of camp. Will work together to facilitate and implement summer team enrichment opportunities, and will also organize and lead weekly all team worship sessions. Must have the ability to communicate well, provide wise counsel, and seek to see team members grow in their relationship with God. Weekly Salary: $175, plus room and board.

    Kitchen Supervisor (1):
    Responsible for working with the Food Service Manager and the Kitchen Assistants to ensure the quality and efficiency of the meals provided during summer camp. Walking alongside the Kitchen Assistants, they are to encourage and build relationships with each and provide spiritual mentoring with staff. Will work with the Food Service Manager on all orders, production and cleaning required by the state of Washington. Experience working in a professional kitchen, strong leadership skills, spiritual maturity and Washington State Food Handlers Cards required. Weekly Salary: $175, plus room and board.

    Camp Medic (1):
    Responsible for the health and treatment of campers and team members. Will dispense medication as needed/prescribed and be the first medical responder in any health/emergency medical situation. Responsible for abiding by Physicians Standing Orders Great patience and “bedside manner’ necessary to work with campers Pre-K – 12th grade along with college age team members. Responsible for communicating all medical incidents to the Program Director and other necessary team members. Will oversee the Medical Assistant. Must have a minimum of an EMT or LPN Certification and some experience in the health care field. Experience working with children and youth desired. Weekly Salary: DOE, plus room and board.

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