Fun & Community at Issaquah Salmon Days

Posted by Christine Szekeres in Elementary Events on October 16, 2015

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Salmon Days 2015 was a huge success! How does one define success? Here at SAMBICA, seeing the joy on the faces of kids and youth, seeing families spend quality time together, and sharing Christ’s love in the community is success.

With five giant inflatables and our new 9-square-in-the-air game, the SAMBICA inflatable zone was packed with families from open to close. All team members (full time, interns, and volunteers) were encouraged to join in on the fun – and they did! It was exciting to see our new high school part-time team, interns, board members, and full time team remembering why we do what we do at camp – love our community.

I have been with SAMBICA for 6 summers and during this weekend I was reminded of the great community we are in. I’ve had the privilege of doing many different jobs on camp, some have been on the phone or behind a desk. It was overwhelming to have campers and parents come up saying hello that I know. Working at SAMBICA has been more than a summer job, it has allowed me to enter into the lives of our families and walk alongside them in this journey of life. It is an honor to be reminded of that great ministry.

Not only did I see families and faces that I know, I also had the chance to meet many new ones. We got to share SAMBICA with many new families in the area, many who had just moved to Washington in the past few months. I hope to see them again and be able to know them as family too. That is success!


Written by Liz “Happy Feet” Pearse

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