Reaching Campers & Families Where They Are

Posted by Christine Szekeres in Elementary Events on February 3, 2015

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As an intern here at SAMBICA, the nights can get pretty quiet. The guest groups are enjoyable and they shake things up a bit. But nothing really compares to the joy of seeing and hearing campers running around camp.

On Friday January 16th, we had Middle School Bash. This was the second-ever Middle School Bash and it was Hunger Games themed. It was such a fun night. Campers were able to gather for worship, fellowship, fun, and a feast of strawberry shortcake. SAMBICA becomes a place of solace for almost everyone who has ever been here. To open up that safe-place where you can be yourself because you’re among family outside of summer is a gift, not only to the campers and their families, but also to the team here at SAMBICA. I grew up going to camp week-after-week in Indiana and each time I return, I find a new piece of myself that I didn’t know existed.

Days after the wrap-up of Middle School Bash, the planning of Kid’s Night Out began. Kid’s Night Out is a night for elementary age students to come to camp for a few hours. While there was originally only one on the schedule back in the fall, we discovered there was a demand for at least one more. So on Saturday, January 31st we had almost 60 campers out for Super Bowl Training Camp. Twenty of the sixty had never been to camp before.

These nights make way for the vision and mission of SAMBICA to appear. As campers come for a night of Super Bowl fun at SAMBICA, they are also introduced to Hebrews 12:1 where they learn about what it means to run the race, or in this case — play the game, while looking to Jesus — our ultimate example. At Middle School Bash, campers learned what it means to put on the Armor of God and stand firm in who God calls them to be. Focusing on Ephesians 6:13-17.

It’s always such a joy to reunite back at camp, to see how our campers are doing, and to greet new faces, welcoming them into the family. Here at SAMBICA, our mission is to be a light on the lake and our vision is to inspire youth to a relationship with Jesus Christ. Events like these are one of the ways we fulfill the mission and vision by reaching campers and families where they are at. Whether by being ready with the armor of God at the Hunger Games event, or learning to focus on Jesus at Super Bowl event — God moves here, and I am blessed to be a part of it.

Written by Carrie “Nala” McCoy

Interns: A Shining Light at SAMBICA

Posted by Christine Szekeres in Elementary Events on January 23, 2015

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“SAMBICA Interns exist to make God known by being a Christ-like example to HIS people, loving God, and growing in faith so that God gets the GLORY.”

This is the purpose statement of the 2014-15 SAMBICA Intern Team. After a refreshing Christmas break home with their families, our seven interns are back at it and ready for a great 2015. Our interns, Chelsea, Mackenzie, Carrie, Gerald, Nate, Ryan, and Adam, are busy being a light on the lake through their work all around camp.

They started off their year by immediately jumping in to serve one of our largest guest groups, Seattle Autoharpers Week. It was very apparent by working alongside our interns that we have a very contentious group. They have servants’ hearts!

Chelsea has stepped up and is leading the team as they run Camp SAM, our Wednesday after school camp that is serving 25-30 kids every week and showing them the LOVE of Jesus. They are working through 1 Corinthians 13 and focusing on what the Bible says love is. They have games, crafts, and snacks each week along with a themed activity to finish off the day. My son and daughter have been blessed to participate in this program so I know it has been a blessing to other students as well. Eli’s favorite weekly theme has been Football and Abby’s was the Christmas Carnival. Tons of fun!

A few highlights of the internship have been camping on Whidbey Island, a day trip to Bainbridge Island, and the chance to host a boating day with a group of homeless youth from Seattle. We have also produced separate night out events for elementary, middle school, and high school students. It is awesome to see some of the connections with campers from the summer continue throughout the year.

God is good, all the time, and that is evident every day in the work and growth of the SAMBICA Intern team so far this year.

Written by Ryan “Gilby” Gilbert.


Quarterly Events Kick off with Middle School Bash

Posted by Christine Szekeres in Middle School Events on October 21, 2014

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The first of SAMBICA’s free quarterly events, Middle School Bash, happened a few weeks ago. Nearly 50 6th – 8th graders descended on the campus for an evening of fun and laughs!

While waiting for everyone to arrive, the night began with SAMBICA’s version of Temple Run, a popular phone game. There were different obstacles including the bouldering wall, jumping over cones, and working in a group to cross the islands.

Once everyone arrived, the middle schoolers got to meet an over-the-top, eccentric model, played by our very own Gerald “West Beach” Bouknight, and his over-eager photographer, played by the lovely Mackenzie “Bingo” Davis. The students then learned that the model and his photographer are on their way to a big show where all the photos, which are located on a flash drive, will be shown. In their rush to get the perfect shot, it seemed that the flash drive went missing.

In order to still get the word out about the model, the students were needed to reach other social media sources to spread the word. Through different activities crafted to be like popular social media sites (Pinterest, SnapChat, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), the students got to learn a little more about each other and the staff here at SAMBICA. Each activity teams were awarded part of a cut up power cord and the team having the most pieces was able to choose which team members they got to pie in the face. The lucky pie guy, West Beach.

One parent shared the following regarding her son’s experience at the event,
“My son was worried about attending the event, but we urged him to go … that all would be well. By attending he got to blow off some steam at a place that has such great memories for him … it was exactly the ‘light’ that was needed.”

Through the activities and talk, reflecting on John 15:5, the students and the model were able to see that the only true way to get connected is from the true Source. The night wrapped up with a dance party and ice cream bar to celebrate us getting plugged into the Source.


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