Let’s Get Intentional: Youth Group Programming

Posted by Christine Szekeres in Intentional Programming on September 18, 2015

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As Fall returns to SAMBICA we will have many opportunities to create programming for the various groups, both youth and adult, that visit SAMBICA between September and May.

One of our first groups this season, Seattle Christian High School, presented a wonderful opportunity to create some intentional programming for the group while allowing the new intern team to take the lead! With 245 students, the plan was for a large-scale game of Mission Impossible on the upper field. The students engaged fully with the intern team and the game, making for a rousing experience that the seniors engaged in wholeheartedly (and competitively):

“3…” I looked around … confused, trying to find the missing bucket of tennis balls for redistribution (so all the players could have a chance to grab a ball at the start).

“2…” There it is! The seniors are hogging the bucket. Hmmm, this isn’t going to end well.

“1…” “Hey, wait, guys! I want to…” My words were not to be heard as a loud, booming “GO!!!!” echoed through the field’s loudspeakers.

I stood there in shock as bunch of senior guys took the entire bucket (at least 150 tennis balls), ran across the field (ignoring the hits along the way), and dumped them all into the goal (an airplane with a trash can). Game over!

My head spinning from their competitive ferocity, all I could think was, “Wait, why am I surprised? Seniors win no matter what, right?”

The switch is now edging to the halfway mark as we begin to turn “on” our fall, winter, and spring seasons with an increasing number of youth groups and youth events. Our vision at SAMBICA is to “inspire youth to a relationship with Jesus Christ,” and our goal this year is that half of the guests we serve are youth. Once we finish raising all of the funds to turf our field, we will be able to provide even more programming and activities for youth throughout the winter (when our field is traditionally a mud pit much of this season). I, for one, am looking forward to more ferocious games and opportunities to engage youth at a deeper level this year.


Written by Lily “Hemi” Semenyuk

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