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SAMBICA believes that every child should have the opportunity for a life changing experience at camp. Scholarships are available to those who qualify, on a first-come first-served basis.
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Parent Handbook

Parent Handbook

Payment & Cancellations
Payment is due in full by May 1st.  When registering after May 1st payment is due in full at the time of registration. Cancellations made up to 14 business days prior to the start date of the camp session will receive a refund for the total amount paid less the $100 non-refundable deposit per child. No refunds are available when canceling within 14 business days prior to each camp start date.

No refunds are available for “no-shows”. No refunds are available for campers who must leave camp for disciplinary reasons. Transfers may be allowed based on availability for a $15 processing fee.

Spending Money & Camp Store
Sam’s Place is our camp store where campers can purchase snacks, candy, soda and fruit drinks as well as SAMBICA merchandise. Click here to view a sample list of products in our camp store. Our store works strictly on a debit system; there is no cash allowed at camp. Money may be deposited into campers’ store accounts at the time of registration or Sunday Check-In. An average amount given for store accounts is $25 – $40. During the week store balances may be checked by calling our main office. Additional money may be added to store accounts at drop off or by contacting our main office at (425) 746-9110. Please do not send cash with your child as the store will not accept any cash from campers. If campers attend multiple sessions their store money will be available to them during each of their camp sessions. All money deposited into their store account will be available for immediate use and cannot be allotted to a specific camp session. At the end of each session you can call the office and have any remaining store money refunded to you. Any money left in store accounts at the end of the summer will automatically be donated to our scholarship fund.

Buddy Requests
Cabin buddy requests may be made on the registration form. Only mutual requests will be honored. Buddies must be of the same gender and grade. Consideration will be made for buddy requests that are within one grade of each other. Only two mutual requests will be honored. We encourage campers to make new friends and do not want campers to feel left out because all the other kids in their group already know one another.

Counselors & Summer Team
At SAMBICA all of our counselors and team members are generally 18 years of age or high school graduates. They are generally college age young adults who are hired for the summer. They complete an extensive application and interview process.  We run background checks on all employees. Staff members are chosen for their skills, faith in Christ, and leadership qualities.
High School students enrolled in our HS Leadership program work in various roles around the camp and will assist counselors in various capacities. High School Leadership participants are always supervised by team members.

Swim Test & Water Safety
Water safety is taken very seriously at SAMBICA. SAMBICA has a roped off swim area with a shallow end and a deep end. Each camper must pass a SAMBICA swim test to swim in the deep end and to be allowed to swim without a PFD (personal flotation device). The test consists of a 40 foot swim, stop, change of direction and treading water with lifeguards within arms reach of campers at all times. Campers that do not pass or do not wish to take the swim test may swim in the shallower end of the lake and are required to where a PDF at all times when in the water. Campers may retake the test each day until they pass. SAMBICA does not offer swim lessons.

Qualified waterfront personnel are hired including: boat drivers and lifeguards. Certified lifeguards are on duty during all swim times. Counselors are also at the waterfront and in the water with their campers during all swim times.

Our boat drivers are trained and have a clean driving record. Campers always wear a PFD when in a boat. Helmets are provided for campers when riding on tubes.

Challenge Course
SAMBICA’s challenge courses were designed and built by Andrews Consulting LLC, where safety comes first. Ropes course facilitators at SAMBICA complete an extensive training program. With the safety systems in place, participants can fully enjoy the experience. Our harnesses are fabricated out of the same material that seat belts are created from and are inspected before use at the start of every program. SAMBICA’s course is inspected annually by an authorized Ropes Course Building company.
Activities Include:

  • High Ropes: A series of obstacles based 26 feet off the ground, making use of an overhead static belay to protect participants.
  • Course includes: Cargo Net, Organ Pipes, Islands in the Sky, Dragons Tail, Swinging Planks, Chaplin Walk, Hourglass, X Factor, Multi-Line, Mini Zip, Railroad Crossing, Floating Stumps, and the Jungle Swing.
  • Flying Squirrel: A team building activity where teammates on the ground participate in the belay for the participant, lifting them from the ground and letting them fly through the air with the greatest of ease.
  • Tree Climb: See how high you can climb (up to 40 feet) up one of the tallest trees at camp while on safety belay.
  • Zip Line: Climb up to our 30 ft platform and zip across the field.
  • Low Ropes: Work indivitually or as a team to get across our low challenges for the extreme adventure without the height.

The health and safety of your child is very important to us. During the summer we employ 2 Camp Medics who oversees the distribution of medications and provides first aid treatments for campers. Our Camp Medics are generally a certified EMT or nursing student. Most counselors receive first aid training and all counseling staff has access to first aid kits to treat minor injuries. To help ensure a healthy environment here at camp, lice checks are performed on all campers the first day of their camp session. Should your child become ill or injured we will notify you by phone.

SAMBICA has a procedure for all intake and dispensing of medication. If you camper needs to take medication while attending camp, please be sure that all medications, including herbs, vitamins and minerals, are brought to camp in pharmacy labeled containers. Medication is NOT to be sent in plastic bags or pill containers. Please be prepared at Check-In to share updated information with the Camp Medic. DO NOT bring medication labeled for another person. If you are dropping off medication at check-in please have our Medication Administration form filled out before you come. The camp stocks over-the-counter medication such as Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc. if needed for your child. If any questions arise, our Camp Medic will contact you. Medications must be picked up from the Camp Medic at the end of the session.

Meals are provided in the Dining Hall. Our menu consists of kid-friendly options such as corn dogs, chicken nuggets, and hamburgers. None of our menu items are fried (e.g., french fries are baked). SAMBICA cannot accommodate all special dietary needs. A salad bar is available for campers at all lunches in addition to the prepared meal. Day campers with food allergies or special dietary needs are also welcome to bring a sack lunch and/or snack from home. Campers may bring snack items to supplement daily meals. SAMBICA strives to work with all food restrictions but we cannot accommodate all special dietary needs. For specific concerns, please contact our Food Services Manager by calling the main office (425) 746-9110.

Peanut Allergies
We are not a nut free facility, but we strive to clearly communicate with campers, counselors, and parents what items contain nuts. Our kitchen strives to be nut free although some of our ingredients are packaged in a facility that may contain traces of nuts. The camp store also sells products such as Reese’s and Peanut M&M’s which contain nuts and are clearly labeled. If you have any concerns regarding food allergies, please contact our Food Services Manager by calling the main office (425) 746-9110.

Special Needs
Dietary, medical, personal, behavioral and/or physical special needs must be reported on the health portion of the registration form. Verbal follow-up with your child’s counselor and the Camp Medic is necessary. Our team will make every effort to accommodate these needs.

Information Release
No information regarding any camper will be released to any outside agency without the permission of both SAMBICA and the parent/legal guardian of the camper. This includes both verbal communication as well as written records. Interviews, photographs, and video images of campers taken during camp sessions may be used by the camp for publicity purposes unless expressly forbidden in writing by the parent/legal guardian at or before Check-In.

Bible Studies
SAMBICA is a non-denominational Christian camp. In accordance with SAMBICA’s mission, camp counselors teach Bible studies daily to all campers. Bible studies are age appropriate, prepared by full-time SAMBICA team members, and consist of basic Bible stories and Biblical truths.

Carpool Information (Photo ID is required for all pick ups)
It is critical for us to know who can pick up your child at the end of the day. Only you and those you have listed on your authorized carpool list will be allowed to pick up your child. Carpool authorizations may be given at the time of registration, added during Check-In or added by calling our main office at (425) 746-9110. Photo ID is required for all pick ups. Parents who travel while their child is at camp should leave a copy of their itinerary and emergency contact numbers with the camp office.

Sign In & Sign Out
Each time your child is dropped off at SAMBICA’s grounds or picked up they must be signed in by a parent or adult guardian with carpool pick up authorization. Children are not permitted to sign themselves in or out.

Special Schedules
If your child needs to miss any portion of their camp session, please notify the main office of your schedule conflicts as soon as possible. All late arrivals and early departures will take place in the main office. Notifying your child’s counselor of early pick up times will not ensure your child will be ready when you arrive; please call the main office at (425) 746-9110. Campers that arrive late or depart early will miss a portion of the camp program and will not be able to make up missed activities. Campers who arrive late Monday morning will miss being in the camp picture. Should you schedule a pick up for your child in the middle of an activity, they may need to miss the entire activity. In fairness to other campers, boats will not be brought back before the scheduled end time of each activity block. Please check with our office manager concerning the best time to pick up your child if they must leave early.

Since we are developing a community atmosphere among campers and team members at SAMBICA, there are no visiting times for family and friends. Exceptions may be made for emergencies or major unforeseen circumstances, but must be cleared through our main office. All visitors must check in at the main office and be escorted at all times to maintain security on the grounds.

Communication With Your Camper

We invite you to write to your camper at the following address:

Camper’s Name
Counselor’s Name
4114 W Lake Sammamish Pkwy SE
Bellevue, WA 98008

Letters may also be dropped off in the main office. Mail is delivered daily during campers’ scheduled quiet time. Any mail dropped off after 12:00 pm will be delivered the following day.

Care Packages
Care packages may be mailed to the address above or dropped off in the main office to be delivered to your child daily. Some suggested items for care packages include pre-packaged/non-perishable food items, books, puzzle books, magazines, or small stuffed animals. Pre-made care packages are available for purchase through our main office and are delivered on Thursday’s.

We invite you to email your camper at . Please include the following information in the subject line of your email:

Camper’s Name – Counselor’s Name – Camp Session Attending – Day or Overnight Camp

Campers will not be able to reply to your email. Emails are printed daily and delivered during camper’s scheduled quiet time or at dinner. All emails received after 12:00 pm will be delivered the following day.

SAMBICA will contact you if we have any questions or concerns regarding your camper or in the event of an emergency. Your camper and their counselor will not be near a phone during the day. Campers will be taken to the office to call home in the case of homesickness or other concerns. Cell phones are NOT allowed at camp.

Camp Picture & Photo CDs
Camp pictures are available for a fee of $7 and may be purchased prior to camp or during Check-In. The camp picture is of the entire camp group and taken first thing each Monday morning. Photo CDs are a compilation of pictures taken throughout the week and are available for a fee of $13. The camp photo is not included on the photo CD and must be purchased separately. Both picture orders and photo CDs are distributed in parent packets, which are given out the final day of camp at pick-up. No pictures or photo CDs are made for Wake Up camp.

Camp Video
A video is produced for each camp session (except for Wake Up & HS Leadership camps). Videos are uploaded to Vimeo and are available for download and sharing to the various social media sites (Facebook, Google+, etc.).

Camp Rules and Guidelines
Please share the following information with your children as they will be held accountable to these guidelines. These rules help our staff to assure safety and enjoyment for all campers while at SAMBICA.

  • Campers are required to stay with their cabin or activity group at all times. They may not leave the camp activity boundaries.
  • Campers are expected to be present at all meals and activities.
  • Shoes and shirts are required at all times unless engaged in a waterfront activity.
  • Flip-Flops are allowed but campers must also provide a closed-toed athletic shoe for Challenge Course elements and camp games.
  • Skirts and shorts need to cover the leg, at least to mid thigh. Also, no pants with words or logos across the bum.
  • One-piece bathing suits are best, but modest tankini suits are allowed. Bikinis are not allowed unless covered with an opaque (non-transparent) shirt.
  • Water safety rules must be respected and observed at all times.
  • All medications must be given to the Camp Medic during Check-In. Refer to medication policy above.
  • No smoking, alcoholic beverages, fowl language, drugs or gambling are allowed on camp property. No form of weaponry is allowed.
  • No cell phones, iPods, iPads, electronic games, tablets, computers, or radios are allowed.
  • No camper will be allowed to chew gum.
  • Each camper will share responsibility in keeping the camp clean. This includes cabin clean-up, activity area clean-up and throwing trash away in trash receptacles.

SAMBICA programs are run for the benefit of all of our campers and repeated disruptions from any one camper may result in dismissal. Campers will be sent home for inappropriate behavior and will not receive a refund.

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