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Matt Wimmer
CEO & Executive Director
Email: | Ext. 13

Matt joined the SAMBICA team as executive director/ceo back in May of 2011. When asked what it’s like working at SAMBICA, he quickly replies “Amazing!” Playing baseball in high school and college, Matt uses sports lessons with the staff and campers alike, earning his camp name of Coach daily! Matt’s wife Cindy (aka Latte), grew up coming to SAMBICA as a teen and remembers accepting Jesus one summer during an alter call in the Forum. Matt’s kids, (Michael, Sarah, and Ella) have been attending SAMBICA for years and enjoy living on campus.

Ryan Gilbert
Ministries Director
Email: | Ext. 16

Ryan joined SAMBICA in March of 2014 having left behind the athletic director position at Skyline High School in Sammamish. Though he wasn’t “looking for a new job” when he learned about the position at SAMBICA, Ryan felt God’s calling him into the position and SAMBICA. Ryan has a sports medicine degree from Pepperdine and a Master’s in education from UW. Ryan, along with his wife Cheryl and two kids, Eli and Abby are thrilled about their new adventure at SAMBICA.

Christine Szekeres
Marketing, Development & IT Director
Email: | Ext. 14

Christine joined the team in October of 2009. A “refugee” from the corporate world, she feels blessed to have the opportunity to develop marketing programs for SAMBICA. In her spare time, Christine enjoys mixed-media art (collage, assemblage, journaling, and the like). You will often find her installing vinyl on some surface around camp.

Liz Pearse
Youth Programs Director
Email: | Ext. 19

Liz first came to SAMBICA as a member of the 2010 summer staff. In her role as day camp supervisor, Liz was responsible for keeping the day camp program on track. In the spring of 2011 she joined the team as the staffing supervisor and then in the fall of 2011 was promoted to the full time role of assistant program director. In the spring of 2012 Liz stepped up and filled the role of registrar. In May of 2013 Liz was again promoted, taking on the director of summer camps role. Liz enjoys snowboarding and skating, which earned her the camp name Happy Feet.

Ashley Nicholson
Office Manager/Registrar aka “The ORB”
Email: | Ext. 10

Ashley joined the summer 2012 team as the assistant to the program director due to Liz’s move over to registrar. She became the “ORB” (office manager/registrar/business administrator) in November of 2012. In November of 2013 she moved into the event planning position. In August of 2014 Ashley decided to move back into the ORB position. Hailing from West Virginia, Ashley uses her gift of “woo” to help visitors to SAMBICA each and every day.

Jay Bexell
Facilities Manager
Email: | Ext. 30

Jay joined SAMBICA in April as the new facilities manager. Jay has a wealth of experience maintaining and repairing facilities, which is just what SAMBICA needed! Jay and his wife Katia are looking forward to living on campus and Jay couldn’t wait to get his hands “dirty” and has already begun some much-needed facility and grounds upgrades.

Tom Eaker
Program Manager
Email: | Ext. 17

Tom joined the team in September 2015 as the newest addition to the full time team. A great asset to the program team, Tom brings many years of experience and passion to his role assisting Liz in developing new programs and offerings for our campers. An avid artist, Tom has designed many of the tattoos that he wears and is very interested in tattoo ministry. Most recently Tom lent his talents and passions to Cascades Camp in Yelm, WA.

Dale Russell
Food Service Manager
Email: | Ext. 21

Dale joined the team in September of 2015, moving up from Oregon where he was serving at Aldersgate Camps. Dale has a passion for learning, his favorite quote, “Live everyday like it were your last and try new things constantly…keep learning!” In addition to joining a new team and moving to a new state, Dale also recently married. With lots of changes in his life he is embracing them all: new camp, new state, new wife! He brings this new perspective and passion to the culinary arts here at SAMBICA.

Alyssa Werner
Guest Programs Manager
Email: | Ext. 18

Alyssa joins the team from Timber-lee in Wisconsin where she served as an intern in their programs over the past year. A native of California, Alyssa enjoys hiking, camping, and all things outdoors.

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