Internship: One Day at a Time

Posted by Christine Szekeres in Interns on January 15, 2016

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Hey everyone! Here are a few snapshots of what the life of an intern looks like. I know technically we are working but who says your job can’t be fun?

Monday’s: A day off! I like to sleep in and then go explore. I’m not from this area so my typical Monday off is taking the bus somewhere I’ve never been. Sometimes on days off though we all hang out and watch movies together.

Tuesday’s: Area work time. Each intern has their own area or project to do. Right now I’m currently working on the programming for midwinter break camp and I know there are others working on other events or even working on improving laser tag and archery.

Wednesday’s: Camp SAM, our after school program day. I love hanging out with the kids, it’s one of my favorite days of the week!

Thursday’s: Practical living and facilities day. The past couple of weeks for facilities we have been painting one of the cabins, it’s almost finished. I can’t wait! Practical living is a lot of fun too, we learn practical skills that are used for our future. We did a practical living session on cooking with our chef, Dale, and he taught us how to make pizza. We had such an awesome time enjoying each other’s company, and of course, eating pizza.

Friday’s & Weekends: we have a variety of events happening. For example last weekend we had middle school bash and Refuge, our high school event. It was Star Wars themed and all of the interns dressed up as characters, the kids loved it; it was such a great time!


Coming up is schools out camp on January 18th, we are going to have such an awesome time! Then also in our near future, only three more weeks, we are headed to Costa Rica! We are all very excited for the upcoming events in 2016, here we go!

Written by Patricia “Dyno” Elders

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