Quarterly Events Kick off with Middle School Bash

Posted by Christine Szekeres in Middle School Events on October 21, 2014

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The first of SAMBICA’s free quarterly events, Middle School Bash, happened a few weeks ago. Nearly 50 6th – 8th graders descended on the campus for an evening of fun and laughs!

While waiting for everyone to arrive, the night began with SAMBICA’s version of Temple Run, a popular phone game. There were different obstacles including the bouldering wall, jumping over cones, and working in a group to cross the islands.

Once everyone arrived, the middle schoolers got to meet an over-the-top, eccentric model, played by our very own Gerald “West Beach” Bouknight, and his over-eager photographer, played by the lovely Mackenzie “Bingo” Davis. The students then learned that the model and his photographer are on their way to a big show where all the photos, which are located on a flash drive, will be shown. In their rush to get the perfect shot, it seemed that the flash drive went missing.

In order to still get the word out about the model, the students were needed to reach other social media sources to spread the word. Through different activities crafted to be like popular social media sites (Pinterest, SnapChat, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), the students got to learn a little more about each other and the staff here at SAMBICA. Each activity teams were awarded part of a cut up power cord and the team having the most pieces was able to choose which team members they got to pie in the face. The lucky pie guy, West Beach.

One parent shared the following regarding her son’s experience at the event,
“My son was worried about attending the event, but we urged him to go … that all would be well. By attending he got to blow off some steam at a place that has such great memories for him … it was exactly the ‘light’ that was needed.”

Through the activities and talk, reflecting on John 15:5, the students and the model were able to see that the only true way to get connected is from the true Source. The night wrapped up with a dance party and ice cream bar to celebrate us getting plugged into the Source.


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