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Posted by admin in Director's Blog on May 23, 2013

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The other day we were hosting a group of 6th graders at the camp and I met some of the moms who were here to chaperone the trip. As I was talking to the ladies one of them shared how she had been a camper at SAMBICA in the 7th grade.

Her story was how she was curious about GOD and almost as a test to see if HE really was “real” she prayed a prayer. She had found out another girl from her school was also signed up for SAMBICA during the same week and this girl was someone she was not particularly excited about getting to know.

GOD does know best and sure enough she and this girl from school ended up in the same cabin. The exciting part of the story was both found GOD that week at SAMBICA and she shared “we actually found out the two of us had a number of things in common”.

My favorite part of her story was what she shared changed her life forever. “Our Junior Counselor was from Bellevue High and after camp she stayed involved in our lives, coming to games, writing to us, and getting together occasionally to answer questions we had about continuing to grow our relationship with GOD.” She shared this set a path she has continued on to this day as she now invests in the lives of her own children and other young people.

I so appreciated her story because it captures what SAMBICA is all about to the youth in this community: “A Light on the Lake”.

We hope you like the new website and are so looking forward to providing your children and teenagers the best summer ever!!

Giving over control.

Posted by admin in The Word on May 1, 2013

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So there is a lot of talk out there about control. Opinions vary on if, and to what degree, we as mere human beings exercise control. Some say, “Yes, I am always in control!” While others say, “No, control is an illusion!” My analytical brain wants to put me in the “Yes!” camp, but from experience and what I read in God’s Word I know that the latter camp is where I live.

Why do we feel the need for control? The world says it’s primal, a survival instinct, hard-wired into us when we crawled out of the ooze a bazillion years ago. As a Christian I reject the idea that my ancestors were ever protozoa or ever “oozed” anywhere. Honestly, which is more fantastical: a) humans were once single-celled organisms and “evolved” or b) God brought everything into existence?

The answer lies, perfectly enough, in the idea of control.

If the universe simply sprang into being, one second there was nothing and the next, volia, Earth we are not beholden to anyone or anything for our existence … it was an accident, happenstance without purpose or design. After all, a human can’t be indebted to protozoa or the big bang! If, however, God created the Earth in seven glorious days, breathed life into Adam and from his rib created Eve, well then there is someone we owe!

Submission is by it’s very definition, an absence of control. When we step out in faith to God’s plan for our lives, when we follow His commandments, when we acknowledge our fallen sinful nature and finally, blessedly when we are washed white by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ we are “out of control”! The point being … we’ve given control over to God.

However, for all this “lack of control” I would suggest that in perfect submission there is control … God’s control and reign over our lives gives a peace and joy that no white-knuckled grasp on the handlebars of life could ever give!

When asked, “what is the reason for the light that lives within you” what is your answer? Mine is simple, “I was born a sinner, separated from God. Were it not for His grace, mercy, and love I would be damned to an eternity of loneliness and darkness in Hell. He loved me so much that He sent His son, Jesus, to pay the price for every sin I ever committed. That kind of love is epic, without equal and is the reason for the light that lives in me!”

To some being in control is safety … the only way they can live. I challenge each of you reading this to take close look at how “control” plays out in your life. For me, I’m ever the broken girl, making mistakes but following (and ceding control) to the Lord one day at a time. Blessings and peace be upon you!

This post started out going in one direction (namely how launching a web site is a control “no fly zone”) but it took a little turn that I pray is to God’s satisfaction since I believe He inspired me to write it.

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